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Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 260

-Darrell "The S.a.1.n.t." Thomas- The Actor...

Thomas first started his acting career by being an extra in the 1996 Kansas City.

Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Harry Belafonte.

In 2011 Thomas wrote, directed, edited, & starred in his own

film titled "Missed The Calling." A Christian Film about the 

Rapture taking place in the urban community. Currently 

Thomas is being filmed in 3 movie projects, and a play. 

But his passion is in his New Urban Horror Series titled

"Sydney's Revenge." 

 Kansas City
 Movie 1996
Movie- Extra

     Sydney's Revenge
Internet Web Series 2017
  Actor- Detective Smith

    Missed The Calling

         Movie 2011

Actor- Pastor Sean James

    Missed The Calling
         Movie 2011
Actor- Pastor Sean James

      Captives Season 5
Internet Web Series 2017

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 185

       The Black Hole
          Movie 2006
      Actress- Feature

     Missed The Calling
          Movie 2011
Actress- Commercial lady

Missed The Calling
    Movie 2011
   Actor- Jamal

     Sydney's Revenge
Internet Web Series 2017
           Actor- Mike

Lisiana May

Hair:  Dk Brown         Height: 5’ 6

Eyes: Dk Brown         Weight: 139



Hostess for “Caribbean Jams”                                      Principle                      Double Helix Productions


BestBuy                                                                      Lead Actress              Fox 4

Kroger                                                                         Lead Actress              Fox 4

Eyemart Express                                                          Extra                          See Pictures

Moneygram                                                                  Lead Actress              Red Productions

Ervin Auto Sales                                                           Principle                     Michael Mass Productions

Anheuser Busch                                                           Featured                     Anheuser Busch Productions



Missed The Calling                                                     Supporting                   LOKJAW Music Group

Ruzzian Roulette                                                        Supporting                   Rukkah Productions

The Black Hole                                                           Featured                      NU IMAGE & Active Entertainment

Pieces of a Dream                                                      Featured                      One Way Productions

The Gift                                                                     Featured                       P. Brothers Productions

A Bad Day In Life                                                       Featured                      88mm Productions



Sound Mind & Dead Body Show                                 Variety Roles               Murder Mystery Theatre Company

The Promise                                                              Egyptian Queen           Texas Amphitheatre@Glenrose

The Choice Is Yours                                                   Supporting                  Terry Goddard Productions

Agape Theatre & Film Awards                                     Principle                     Agape Theatre & Film Productions

Shades of Blue                                                          Singer/Supporting        JPEK Productions

A House Divided                                                       Supporting                   KC Productions

Sparkle                                                                     Supporting                   Unity Theatre Productions

Mama                                                                       Supporting                   Unity Theatre Productions

When All Is Said & Done                                            Supporting                   McClain Productions

I Am A Man                                                               Featured                      Black Repertory Company

Eubie                                                                        Featured                      Black Repertory Company

A Tale OfNambi&Kintu                                               Lead                            Black Repertory Company

Hallelujah                                                                  Supporting                   Unity Theatre Productions



Choreographer / Dancer-Hip Hop / Contemporary / Club

Character Voice: Little Girl / Animated

Play Writing: Writing skits and small plays

-Dominique Thomas- The Actor...

Dominique first started his acting career by appearing in his father Darrell Thomas first film "Missed The Calling." Appearing

in this film as  Jamal. Dominique played and important role

in this films, as he also did a alot of behind the scenes

filming. Dominique is quite gifted as a cameraman.

Dominique will be appearing in the New Urban  Horror

Series "Sydney's Revenge." 

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