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"A brief synopsis, of the entertainment of The S.a.i.n.t."

S.A.I.N.T. CREATIONS- is a site put together by Darrell "The S.a.1.n.t." Thomas. This site displays the many creatives talents of Thomas. Talents range from him being an actor, writer, director, rapper, producer, editor, and many other talents being displayed in the entertainment field. 


The early part of Thomas entertaiment career, started through basketball. From playing basketball from Jr. High, High School, through college.

Rapping took place from 1994, when he created a duo with Ben "Blaze-1" Ancrum. Known today as "Verbal Contact. Together Thomas managed and booked them all over the U.S. Achievements such as Finalist in the 1999 MTV/Loud Records Ultimate Hip-Hop Talent Search, Headliners at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Ut at the Pepsi Dome.2005 Hip-Hop group of the year at the Midwest Entertainment Awards, and countless other achievements. V.C. was known for making great music & not using profanity in their lyrics.

2016 Thomas decided to rap as a solo artist. Going from rapping clean, to Christian Rappers, to rapping conscious, so everyone will listen to his messages. 

Films & Videos. In 2009 Thomas stated working with video recording. Making videos, and in 2011 he wrote, directed, and filmed his first Christian movie titled "Missed the Calling." It premiered in the Urban Film Festival by Fox-4 Film Critic Shawn Edwards. IT did well. Today Thomas is writing new film scripts, filming them as well as music videos, and comedy skits. 




Darrell "The S.a.1.n.t." Thomas




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