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                Verbal Contact- consist of three positive lyrical rappers. Darrell "The S.a.1.n.t." Thomas Ben "Blaze-1" Ancrum, &  Jerron "Young Spanky" Sims. The S.a.1.n.t. & Blaze-1 were formed together back in 1994, and in 2000 decided to add Young Spanky to the group. They decided to go against the grain with non-profanity, and many other rappers were constantly cursing. Verbal Contact recorded many tracks, and performed many shows during that time.

                1998 The S.a.1.n.t. had submitted a demo to MCA Records, & was flown out to California to meet with V.P. of A & R  Randy Jackson. Whom later became a host on the television show America's Got Talent. Jackson spoke with S.a.1.n.t. and said he admired the way he thought and advised him to start his own record label as Master P of "No Limit Records." He said he was doing him a favor by not signing him at the time, and later he would see why. About a year later MCA Records had folded. 

               S.a.1.n.t. had worked hard and started a record label called Big Dogg Entertainment, and in 1998 hooked up with Tom Woosley of Woo Woo Productions, and recorded thier first cd in 1999 titled "Poetical Checkmate." During the release of this cd the song "Come Along," was entered in The MTV/Loud Records Ultimate Hip-Hop Talent Search. Inwich V.C. made it to the finals before losing to the winner. 

              In 2001 V.C. became a Nation Main Stage Act for N.A.C.A.(National Association for Campus Activities." The first time a rap group submitted and became a National act on the first submission. Which landed them to be a Headliner at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Ut. Along with acts such as Platinum recording artist Eddie Money, Rick James, and many others. 

             V.C. would record two more secular cd's titled "Welcome to the Hood," & "Marked Territory." 2005 V.C. became part of label called "Git Money Records." Located in Los Vegas at the time. After 3 months living & recording in Las Vegas they decided to come back to Kansas City, give their lives to Christ and became Christian Rappers. Hooking up with Interscope producer P-Solo producing beats under Beat Godz, & D.J. Rice of Drop Down Records. Their first Christian Rap cd became a classic. It's called "The Trinity Within Me." Released in 2007 & in 2009 they released Alter Call. Both are classics.

            2016 S.a.1.n.t. decided to go solo for awhile and start rapping conscious. This way his messages can reach all ears, and touch all people of all religions. V.C. has won several awards, opened up for several platinum artist, toured all over the U.S. and found out in 2008 a European duo started a group,  using the Verbal Contact name. V.C. has had the name over 20 years. Regardless, everyone in the U.S. knows who the original Verbal Contact is. The rest is now history in the making.

Verbal Contact Documentary